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Lithium Batteries Are Going To Bring Down A Plane
3/13/2018 1:56 PM

Passengers of a Delta Airlines flight going from Salt Lake City, Utah to Bozeman, Montana narrowly escaped from an impending disaster after the cabin crew discovered a burning bag containing lithium-ion battery in the cargo hold.

A member of the cabin crew brought the burned bag that contained lithium battery to show the passengers just how dangerous putting them in cargo can be, reported Market Watch.

"We are proud of the quick work of our ground crew who recognized and helped extinguish a bag containing a lithium ion battery that began overheating inside the cargo hold during the loading process of SkyWest flight 4449 operating as Delta Connection from Salt Lake City to Bozeman, Mont.," a spokesman for the airline said.

One passenger tweeted the photos of the burnt bag and wrote, "Kudos to @Delta ground crew in Salt Lake for saving the day (and us). They smelled fire in cargo - unloaded bags and discovered this. If we had taken off ... #Thankful As the pilot said, we owe them."

The Federal Aviation Administration has passed stringent rules about carrying lithium batteries on flights, however, the FAA does not prohibit lithium-ion batteries from cargo holds.

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