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Ray J Hit With $30 Million Lawsuit Over Scooter Business
1/12/2018 3:30 PM

Ray J has been hit with a new $30 million lawsuit over a failed scooter bike business.

TMZ reports that Ray J was supposed to enter into a partnership with a man named Jean Paul back in 2015. The plan was to market electric scooter bikes. In this suit, Paul says Ray J "arguably maintains a certain level of celebrity" and his popularity was supposed to help market the scooter. He was also supposed to be an investor in the company.

Paul claims that Ray J launched his own scooter company, which put the star in direct competition with him, leading to Paul's $30 million lawsuit.

This past November, Ray J secured a $31 million wholesale deal to launch his electric transportation company, Raycon. He has yet to officially respond.

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