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Fall Out Boy Drops 'Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)' Video
1/12/2018 3:00 PM

Fall Out Boy have released a new video for "Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)," the latest single from their upcoming album, Mania.

The new clip features Fall Out Boy in a fake informercial for some ridiculous products such as "holy miracle water," "crap in a glass," and the band members themselves, as frontman Patrick Stump is up for sale as "the perfect family friend."

"There's nothing more cruel than to be loved by everybody but you," Stump sings on the track.

Mania, which was originally supposed to come out in 2016, will now be released on January 19 after the band decided to rewrite most of the album last summer. "The songs were trying to serve everybody, but they weren't going to be compelling to anybody," bassist Pete Wentz told Rolling Stone.

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