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Cardi B Named To Forbes' Hip-Hop Future Moguls List
1/12/2018 12:30 PM

Cardi B has been named to Forbes' Hip-Hop's Future Moguls list, formerly known as Hip-Hop Cash Princes. Detroit rapper Lizzo and producer Wondagurl are also featured on the list.

Cardi is the first female rapper to top the list. "The first step to hip-hop moguldom is recognition, and Cardi B has more of that than perhaps any other up-and-comer in the genre," Forbes says. "With her gargantuan hit "Bodak Yellow," which clocked more than 400 million on-demand streams—the fifth highest total for any song this year—she's now grossing $150,000 or so per city on the road."

Forbes renamed their original male-centered roundup Hip-Hop Cash Princes to Hip-Hop Future Moguls as a push towards inclusivity and diversity, broadening this year's criteria to include "age, ethnicity and gender."

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